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Campus Wellness Champions

Find your Building or Department Wellness Champion Below:

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Don’t see a Champion for your building or department?  There might not be a registered champion for your building or department yet.  Would you like to register to be a Wellness Champion?  Read about what makes someone a Wellness Champion and fill out the form below.

What is a Wellness Champion? Wellness champions are more than just cheerleaders. They connect with and influence co-workers.  Champions will be able to understand and explain the wellness program to co-workers, to visibly participate in programs, to relate to the health challenges of co-workers, and to generate interest in the the program.

  • Champions will receive the necessary training and tools to help guide your colleagues to a healthier and happier lifestyle.
  • Champions will help with promotions by distributing flyers and forwarding email communications to keep co-workers in the know about upcoming RebelWell events, challenges and opportunities.
  • Champions may lead group walks, stretching exercises and other light fitness activities for small groups.
  • Champions will provide feedback to help tailor programs to best fit faculty/staff needs.

Become a Wellness Champion!