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Take Care Tuesday!

Staying In and Cooking It Up!

The last couple of months have brought about a lot of change and as we approach the end of the semester, we can reflect on how the current situation has affected our eating habits.

What you eat may not be the first thing on your mind during this pandemic as most of us are just trying to get through the day. However, in my household, there has been a lot more cooking than normal. Although I cooked plenty before the pandemic, my recent meals have embodied simple ingredients and recipes that remind me of home.

These foods have brought back so many childhood memories and comfort. I, like many, live away from my family, and have found that the traditional recipes that I grew up with have brought me a sense of peace and connection to my distant loved ones. I often find myself calling my mom and asking her for recipes that I had forgotten about. These recipes typically require basic ingredients that many of us have been getting such as beans, rice, and eggs. During these times, I encourage you to pay attention to the great aspects that food brings us, those wonderful memories of childhood and lighthearted meals spent with friends, and great flavors and aromas that bring inexplicable joy.

For those interested in ways to eat healthy and stay safe during these uncertain times, please refer to the resources below.

If you are interested in individualized assistance to help you achieve your health goals, RebelWell offers telehealth individual nutrition sessions at no cost to University employees and students. If you are interested in this service, please contact University Health Services to make an appointment.


For Student Assistance: (662) 915-7274

For Employee Assistance: (662) 915-6550

Mariana Jurss, Registered Dietitian II
Nutrition & Hospitality Management