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University of Mississippi

Wellness Blueprints

Official University of Mississippi policies that promote and support wellness across campus.

Break Policies

Break Time for Nursing Mothers

In compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”), which took effect when the PPACA was signed into law on March 23, 2010, the University of Mississippi provides reasonable break time for en employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for 1 year after the child’s birth.  The University also provides an appropriate location, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from coworkers and the public, to express breast milk.

To see a list of on-campus lactation rooms, visit our Nursing Mothers page.

Breaks (Rest Periods)

An employee’s work performance and individual health may benefit from taking a break.  Lunch breaks (meal periods) are provided to employees.  Breaks and lunch breaks are periods of time, specified by the manager, during which employees are not actively working on the job.  Regulations for breaks (rest periods) and lunch breaks (meal periods) are given.


Flex Policies

Faculty Workload Flexibility

This is a statement of the discretionary authority of academic administrators to exercise flexibility and to provide modified work assignments to faculty to meet the wide range of activities that are integral to a department’s mission and to address the particular areas of interest/expertise of faculty members.

Flextime Schedules

Flextime schedules may offer advantages to both employees and the department.  This policy is in place to support the University’s objective of enhancing positive work/life balance, as well as supplying a mechanism for departments to manage workloads.


Leave Policies

Donated Leave

This policy provides information for employees who are interested in becoming a donor or a recipient of donated leave.  Included are qualifying events, definitions, and specific guidelines and instructions for requesting such leave.

Educational Leave

This policy provides information regarding unpaid leave of absences for graduate and postdoctoral study for employees.

Family and Medical Leave

This policy provides information for employees who are absent from work for an extended period of time for specified medical, family, and military related reasons.  Included are qualifying events, definitions, and specific guidelines and instructions for requesting such leave.

Injury Leave

An employee may use accumulated paid time off in the event he/she is injured in the course of employment and is required to be absent from work.

Leave for Death in Immediate Family

This policy provides information regarding leave time for employees who are required to be absent from work due to the death of an immediate family member.

Leave Guidelines

The guidelines regarding who is responsible for informing workers about leave information is given.  How leave time is accrued for new employees and those who have been rehired is also given along with how leave balances are accrued.

Leave Without Pay

Employees may be grated leave of absence without pay for either short periods or extended periods of time.  Factors of consideration used to approve such a leave and information regarding reinstatement of an employee when the leave expires are given.

Leave for Jury Duty, Witness, Elections

Information regarding leave time for serving as a witness, juror, or party litigant, assisting with certain elections, and voting during an election is given.

Major Medical Leave: 12-Month Employees

This policy provides information regarding the accrual rate of major medical (sick) leave for permanent twelve-month employees and defines the guidelines concerning eligibility requirements, physician documentation, and leave without pay once major medical leave is exhausted.

Major Medical Leave: 9-Month Employees

This policy provides information regarding the accrual rate of major medical (sick) leave for nine-month faculty members and temporary members as given.

Military Leave of Absence

This policy contains information regarding employees who take a leave of absence due to military training or duty.  Notification of activation and request for leave of absence, benefits available upon reemployment, and employer and employee responsibility is also given.

Personal Leave: 12-Month Employees

This policy provides information regarding the accrual rate of personal leave (vacation) time that permanent twelve-month employees receive along with guidelines concerning approval of leave time, when personal leave should be taken, payment for terminated and retiring employees, and payment in the event of an employee’s death.

Sabbatical Leave

This policy defines the eligibility of faculty for sabbatical leave and the procedures and approval process.


Mental Wellness Policies

Eligibility for Employee Counseling

The Employee Assistance Program Mental Health is a consultation program offered through the University Counseling Center for employees of the University.  Guidelines for participation in the EAP-MH are given.

Employee Assistance – Mental Health Program

This policy is in place to support the University’s objective of enhancing individual health, community well-being, and positive work/life balance.


Physical Wellness Policies

Employee Work-Related Injuries

This policy provides initial and short-term follow-up care for employees who suffer from a work-related injury or illness.

Participation in Wellness Program Activities

Employee participation in wellness program activities, including on-site seminars, demonstrations, challenges, and physical fitness activities, is supported by our University leaders as well as authorized by Mississippi Senate Bill 2646 of 2010.

Turner Center Memberships

This policy provides information regarding the use of the Turner Center based on various membership options for students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Turner Complex

The Turner Center provides all types of indoor recreational activities for faculty and staff.  A list of activity areas and who to contact for more information is given.


Safe Workplace Environment Policies

Sexual Harassment

The University of Mississippi is committed to fostering an environment that prevents sexual harassment of employees.  The University is also committed to professionalism, fostered by an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.  These commitments are threatened when persons in positions of authority abuse the trust placed in them.  The purpose of this policy is to explain sexual harassment violations, including, but not limited to, sexual assaults and other types of sexual violence.  This policy also outlines discrimination and disparate treatment violations, as well as retaliation.  Further, this policy provides reporting procedures and relevant sanctions.

Violence-Free Workplace Policy

The University of Mississippi’s goal is to ensure the safety of all university campuses, facilities, activities, and events so that students, employees (faculty and staff), and visitors can work, learn, and enjoy an environment free from violence and threats.  The purpose of this policy is to encourage all employees to report incidents of threats, aggresion, and other prohibited behaviors and acts of any individuals(s) on university properties to their immediate supervisor, University Police Department, and/or Human Resources.  This policy lists prohibited conduct and outlines reporting responsibilities and procedures should a safety concern arise.


Substance Policies


This policy provides information regarding illegal or abusive alcohol consumption on the University of Mississippi campus.

Drug-Free Workplace and Workforce

The University of Mississippi is committed to maintain a drug-free workplace and workforce in conformity with federal laws as set forth in the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Department of Defense (DOD) Drug-Free Workforce Rule of 1988.

Tobacco Free Campus

Tobacco use is prohibited at all times, and at all locations of The University of Mississippi Oxford campus, including University-owned facilities, properties, and grounds.  This policy provides notice of and guidelines about the tobacco-free environment at The University of Mississippi.