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  • Why Work-site Wellness?

    With such a significant percent of employees’ time spent in the workplace, work-site wellness is essential.  Wellness is a lifestyle that encourages good physical and mental health.  Programs that focus on work-site wellness ultimately benefit everyone involved: an employee’s quality of life is improved, which supports efficiency and raises quality of work in the workplace.

    This is why we have RebelWell.  RebelWell is a campus and community wellness program designed to support employees as they adopt and sustain behaviors that reduce health risks, improve quality of life, and enhance personal effectiveness.  We offer a variety of activities such as health fairs, medical screenings, nutritional cooking programs, on-site fitness classes, and more.  Check out this site to find wellness programs and activities right for you.

    Choose Well.  Stay Well.  RebelWell!

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    The 2014 launch of RebelWell and its continued success have been made possible in part by a generous grant provided by the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation.